1889 Argus Leader: Hail to thee, Susan B.

Josh Verges guest post:

The 1889 Argus Leader was about as excited about Susan B. Anthony's visit to the state as Jonathan Ellis is about the pending death of the Mark Twain school name.

The Argus-Leader begins to feel a wild thrill of pleasurable expectation. Susan is coming. We shall see her own dear self and shall hear her dulcet tones declare the total depravity of man. We shall see displayed in all her entrancing loveliness the female ward worker, and shall like St. John in the vision, feel the air warm around us with the heavenly effulgence of woman suffrage. Hail to thee, Susan, thou headlight of the elysium to come, our heart’s ecstasy arises at thine approach. - Nov. 16, 1889 (research by John E. Miller at SDSU, hat tip to Madville Times.

I can’t say when it happened, but we’re on board with the 19th Amendment now.